Vegan Eats in Sapperton & Downtown

People who love to eat are always the best people. – Julia Child


Wild Rice

Every person with dietary restrictions appreciates a well-labelled menu. Wild Rice has you covered plus they have what is arguably the best patio in the city. There’s even a scrumptious vegan dessert – a real rarity! From curried steam buns to a tofu kung pao, egg-free ceasar salad to butter not-chicken, you’ll have enough choices that you won’t mind when your eating partner snafoos something off your plate.

El Santo

A great option, especially if it’s not just veggie-sauruses in the crowd. They only have a couple vegan-friendly choices, but they’re well worth trying. Watch the guacamole trio – there’s a hidden bacon ingredient!


20160305_192151 (1)How many sushi restaurants can you crowd into a small area? The area surrounding New West skytrain station may hold the world record. I’m partial to Hi Sushi, just across the street on Carnarvon. Their veggie bento is a great deal and the owners are cute enough to put in your pocket.

River Market

It’s not exactly a vegan-mecca, but there are a couple options such as a the chili at Re-Up without the cream on top (yes, they tried it with meat at one point, but as of this writing, it is meat-free). You can also get a delicious tea latte with soy milk at Great Wall Tea Co, grab a whole loaf of warm, soft, bread from Pamola Bakery – pickup some vegan cheese at Donald’s to have yourself a picnic – and try one or more of the sorbets at Tre Galli. Usually they have a whole case of choices and I betcha you’d never guess they’re dairy-free.

Spud Shack

Did you know Spud Shack’s gravy is vegan? And it’s delicious to boot. They have a good number of choices including a scrumptious chili poutine and you can slather vegan chipotle may on just about anything. Their homemade veggie burger can be made vegan – just ask!


Thai New West

papaya salad (1)There’s really only one place to eat in Sapperton if you’re vegan (also recommended for carnivores, omnivores, celiacs, and every single person who appreciates beautiful food). [Editor’s Note: Greens and Beans deli has some good vegan sandwiches, too]. Thai New West is an underappreciated gem, hidden next to an archery shop on East Columbia. They import and blend their own spice mixes and have a specially modified kitchen to make traditional curries. Let them know that you’re vegan and get everything without the fish sauce. Are you a noodle aficionado? Try their pad thai. Interested in a spicy papaya salad? Treat yourself to a beautifully plated piece of artwork. Do you prefer a red, yellow, or green curry? You’ll probably need to come back to try all three. Their lunch specials are a great deal and their black rice pudding is much more delicious than it looks. If you hadn’t heard of Thai New West… you’re welcome.

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  1. Very true about Beans & Greens plus they forgo tips to raise money for the animal shelter. But Leona always teases me about my green-only sandwiches.

  2. Nice to see you highlight Sapperton !– come up here and visit some of the amazing little restaurants and shops – we have just about everything you could want in a few blocks

  3. Great article!! My partner and I went to Thai New West on your recommendation and it was everything you said and more! One of my favorite restaurants around!!

  4. Is the Crepe place in the Quay still around? Last time I went they offered an entire vegan menu!! Really good crepes too! 😉

    1. Unfortunately, they are not, it is now Freebird Chicken. Sadly, Alain the cook passed away and his wife moved to be closer to her family.

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