Some Thoughts on Festivals + Sapperton Day Photos

I love that New Westminster has so many festivals and  events. There’s been some news lately that a few festivals in New West have had to postpone, cancel, or reschedule. I personally think it is good for festivals to change things up and believe nothing is “sacred” in terms of dates or formats or even names. There really is something for everyone here, depending upon what interests you and your family the most. And, festival-goers evolve. My nearly eight year old loves certain events, but in six short years I can guarantee he won’t really be as keen on the children’s festival as he once was. I like that there are always things that are right for me, right at that moment. And with 67,000 of us, I think there’s enough New Westers to support well organized and fun events. I am thankful for volunteers who put in lots of effort, whether or not their event is for me. They make the city better.

Sapperton Day is one of my favourite festivals in the City, and it’s one my neighbours and I have been planning our block party around for the past four years now. Its broad appeal is part of why I like it so much as it is everything that’s great about a small community festival – a closed street, something for all ages, inexpensive, lots of colours, sounds, and fun, and lots of things to check out. It is put together by volunteers, and raises much needed money for the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation. Sapperton Day is not without its own re-invention – apparently it too, has gone on hiatus before. This year, the weather was delightful and Sapperton Day was a good time.

Many thanks to Paul Fuoco, who took all of these pictures at this year’s fest back in June, and is letting me share my favourites. I admit I picked not one, but two dog pictures. These pictures really made me feel warm and fuzzy for my neighbourhood that they pull off such greatness. Thank you to the organizers!