Why Rainy Summer Days Are All Right

My kid is in a summer daycamp (hat tip to the wonderful folks at New West Parks and Rec for making his summer fun) and they spend a lot of time outdoors every day. Because of the unpredictable weather, his backpack is packed with: swim trunks, a towel, a rain coat, shorts to change into, sunblock, and a fleece just in case. On Wednesday, we also had to send warmer clothes for skating. To put it mildly, it’s a pretty full pack. He was complaining a bit this morning when I added “just one more thing” to the pack.

“No point complaining about the weather, Kale. We can’t control it, we just have to roll with it.”

“But it’s summer, Mom.”

It’s only the first full week of summer vacation, so I think he has a point, but I also think it’s really not a big deal. So, today I’ve been thinking about all the ways a rainy summer day is a-ok and for a little Friday afternoon philosophy, I’m sharing my list. 

  1. I don’t have to water my hanging baskets. Or my veggie garden. Today, they are basically self-wateringBasket
  2. For more than a year now I’ve been planning to go through a number of old photos and digitize them
  3. It’s a good day for baking cookies. Here are 65 recipes to pick from. It’s also a great day for making jam  Jam
  4. I could visit the library, the Fraser River Discovery Centre, the New Media Gallery, the Gallery at Queens Park, or the Van Dop Gallery Library
  5. Warm rainy days smell good and the park is still green and soft . Plus, we get it mostly all to ourselves
  6. I can continue to justify not washing my car
  7. Forest fires hate rain
  8. I can continue to rust, rather than tan. No sunburn means a lowered risk of skin cancer
  9. I can visit Board Game Warriors and pick out a few games for a family games night
  10. Soup night. Because soup and biscuits foreverBiscuits


What did I miss?