Featured Artist: Jack Campbell

This feature originally appeared in our August 2016 print edition, and Jack’s incredible work, Fraser Workforce, was our cover. Thanks to Carole and Heather, Jack’s wife and daughter who gave us permission to use these images and provided the accompanying text. Jack Campbell is a truly New Westminster painting icon, with a brilliant and unique style that is both fluid and geometric. As Councillor Patrick Johnstone remarked, “once you see Jack’s work, you see his paintings everywhere in New West.”

b. January 14, 1931 – d. March 28, 2014

Jack Campbell was born and raised in New Westminster. Jack’s art is found in private and corporate collections around the world. Jack was an honours graduate from the Vancouver School of Art, worked in graphic design, instructed for the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design Outreach Program, Kootenay School of Art, and David Thompson University before moving to Saturna Island in 1997. His love of landscape and the figure is shown in his work with a style uniquely his own. He loved art as a child and painted up to the last day of his life. His wife Carole makes his work available through the web, art exhibitions and the gallery.

“In my drawings, paintings, and paper sculptures, I have always been intrigued by shapes. I mainly work in three areas, waterscapes, landscapes, and the human form. I first use the subject matter as a point of departure. Then through a process of selection, elimination, and simplifying with the use of tone and colour, I explore ways to create a composition to my satisfaction. The final work of art is a rebirth of the subject matter based on my own visual, emotional, and spiritual interpretation of the forms. As an artist, viewer participation is important I enjoy taking the viewer on a visual journey through my art.”

About the Cover:

Fraser Workforce 1999

Fraser River Workforce (1999) is one of a number of Jack’s works of the Fraser River from his view in New Westminster and depicts working boats beneath the iconic Pattullo and the SkyBridge. Along with Old Mill on River (undated), Fraser Tugboats 2 (1999), and Tugboat Festival (1995), the narrative of the Fraser River as a working river is told.

Old Mill on Fraser Fraser Tugboats 2 Tugboat Festival 1995

You can purchase Jack’s work from the Jack Campbell-Art Dream Gallery located at 193 East Point Road, Saturna Island, BC, V0N 2Y0.

Phone: 250-539-5810 or Cell: 250-580-5810

Email: artdream.jcampbell@gmail.com

Website:  jackcampbell-artdream.com

The gallery is open random hours, please phone for an appointment to view Jack Campbell’s original paintings and fine art prints.