Photo Essay: Rivers

Did you know our MLA is also a talented photographer? It’s true! Thank you to Judy Darcy for providing such a stunning array of photos of our beautiful Fraser River.

Says Judy, “The first thing I do most mornings is look out my window at the spectacular view of the Fraser River. The colour and light on the river change constantly and I am fascinated with trying to capture its mood. The Fraser transforms, transports and reflects everything around it. It gives rise to our parks, our businesses, our bridges – and our fog. It gives birth to our salmon. And it inspires our art!”

Judy’s office is taking place in the New Westminster Cultural Crawl on August 13 and 14, and the photos in the gallery below as well as other photos will be on display at her office at 737 Sixth St. They are also featuring the work on Terry Aske, an amazing quilt artist, who incredibly, has quilted a map of New Westminster I cannot wait to stop by and see. She recently had a statement in the House with a bit more info about her participation in the Crawl.