Diversity in Art

The City of New Westminster’s arts scene has recently been receiving a bit more press than normal, including here on Tenth. This weekend, the New Westminster Cultural Crawl is on all across the city and there is tonnes to see and do for all appetites for art.

Recently, I stopped by the Arts Council of New Westminster’s Gallery in Queen’s Park (it’s right below the playground, in the same building as Centennial Lodge) and Stephen O’Shea, the Executive Director of the Arts Council and I got talking.


“Part of what makes my job so satisfying is that I am surrounded by an incredible diversity of arts in New Westminster and am often exposed to emerging artists experimenting with new formats,” says O’Shea. “It is very humbling as an artist myself, but also exciting as a resident to be surrounded by such creativity.”

The current exhibition at The Gallery at Queen’s Park is entitled “As You Are” featuring prolific New Westminster artist Gillian Wright and Vancouver artist Cara Bain. The exhibition is a celebration of the human form. Cara and Gillian have both studied under Justin Ogilvie and find interest in incorporating abstract elements with the human form. The exhibition runs until August 28th with the artists sitting the Gallery on weekends.

ACNW - The Gallery at Queen's Park - Panorama - August 2016 - 3 - web

Gallery Exhibit Selection

“The exhibitions at The Gallery at Queen’s Park are selected by our Selection Committee which is made up professional artists including Angie Au HemphillKeith Rice-JonesGreg Freedman, and Tetsuomi Anzai,” says O’Shea.

“They meet once per year in September and pick exhibitions for the upcoming calendar year. So, for example, they are meeting in this coming September and will select all the exhibitions for our 50th anniversary in 2017.”

ArtsCouncil3wInterested artists are welcome to apply to be considered, as the Arts Council of New Westminster is accepting submissions until August 31st. Artists can apply by emailing their applications to info@artscouncilnewwest.org along with their Artist Statement, Artist Bio, C/V and 10 jpgs as example of the work they wish to exhibit. More information here. Download the application here.

Artist Groups in the City

O’Shea sees his job as a detective to find artist groups operating in the city. “There are many more groups out there in New West flying below the radar,” he says. “I try to find them and welcome them to join the greater community of artists throughout the city. Sharing knowledge and resources strengthens our arts community and I’m always happy to meet with artists and assist them in their endeavours.”

New Westminster is full of artists and artist groups O’Shea is aware of include:

You can check out our member directory of the Arts Council here.

Member Benefits


One of the benefits of being an arts council member is the ability to book The Gallery at Queen’s Park for events, both private and public. ACNW members are welcome to rent The Gallery at Queen’s Park for any type of event, whether it’s for artist talks, artist reception, book launches, weddings, public or private workshops, social events and parties, poetry readings and musical performances. Membership with the ACNW is open to the entire community. More information here.

For more information about the Arts Council of New Westminster, visit acnw.ca


By now we are hoping you’ve seen our August edition of the print version of Tenth to the Fraser with the amazing portion of Fraser Workforce by Jack Campbell on the cover.  (And if you haven’t, it’s here, and you can pick up a copy at our distributors.) If you’re new to Jack Campbell, his work spans an enormous catalogue and you can spy it all over town.

The Gallery at Queen’s Park has a special item up for grabs just for Tenth readers. Enter to be drawn to win one of five copies of a poster of Jack Campbell’s work “Tugboat Festival 1995”. This colourful, cheerful, and complex painting will look good on any wall. To enter, simply comment on this post and tell us what your favourite kind of art is! The only catch is that if you’re a winner, you have to drop by the Gallery to pick it up – so don’t enter if you can’t arrange to do that.

Contest closes August 19th 2016 at 5pm and winners will be selected by random number draw.

Tugboat Festival 1995


The Gallery at Queen’s Park is located in the Centennial Lodge and is open Wednesday 1:00 – 8:00pm and Thursday through Sunday 1:00 – 5:00pm. 

8 Replies to “Diversity in Art”

    1. Hi Hayley! You’re a winner! Please stop by the Gallery to claim your prize. Their hours are listed above and they’ll know you’re coming.

  1. My favourite type of art… my first reaction would probably be to say I don’t really like art… or at least I don’t really “get it”. Half the stuff in my house is off the racks at Ikea or photos of family. But really, you could come in here tomorrow and take all that stuff out and I wouldn’t really care… it’s not important… it’s replaceable… just filling up wall space.

    The stuff that’s actually important, the stuff I’d run back into the house to save from a fire, is the stuff that has a personal connection: the silk fish painted by a university friend of mine, the raccoon painting I found on a weekend in Canterbury…

    If you don’t have a personal connection with the art then it’s just wall decoration. So really I think it’s not about the art itself, it’s about what it represents to me.

    I think that’s one of the things I like about Jack Campbell’s New West paintings. I know I’m a new arrival but I’ve really fallen for this place… it’s not just that his paintings are beautiful, it’s that they represent something that’s important to me.

    1. HI Jon, You’re a winner! Please stop by the Gallery to claim your prize. Their hours are listed above and they’ll know you’re coming.

  2. Anything that challenges me to look with a different perspective, POV – to see what the artist intended. Japanese block prints, Chagall, a sketch my daughter drew. Putting myself in the minds eye of the artist – that’s what draws me into art.

    1. Hi Andrea! You’re a winner! Please stop by the Gallery to claim your prize. Their hours are listed above and they’ll know you’re coming.

  3. Art (like music, writing ) has to communicate. It’s a message that can vary in many aspects and therefore may not appeal to all viewers. But the artist has done his (or her) job for me if the artwork hits home . Say Guernica and take in the horror for example or the beauty of a diamond ring that actually sparkles no matter from where you view it. Exquisitively clever.It’s something I can look at time and time again often seeing something new, or just losing myself in it.If a new painting makes the hairs on my neck stand up then it’s done its job.

    1. HI Fred, You’re a winner! Please stop by the Gallery to claim your prize. Their hours are listed above and they’ll know you’re coming.

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