Coquitlam Adanacs Jr. A Lacrosse Team Win Minto Cup

On Monday, August 29th, the Coquitlam Adanacs Jr. A lacrosse team won the Minto Cup in overtime against the Orangeville Northmen from Ontario. It was a thrilling overtime victory in the final game of the five game series at the Events Centre in Langley. To get to the final series the Adanacs and Northmen had to both get past the Calgary Mountaineers and Delta Islanders in round-robin play. This is the first time a team from BC has won the Minto Cup since the Adanacs last won it in 2010.


You might be wondering why an article about the Coquitlam Adanacs is on Tenth to the Fraser, a magazine focussed on New Westminster?

First, once there’s a BC champion, lacrosse fans normally rally behind their provincial team. There were plenty of New Westminster Salmonbellie fans at the Events Centre for the Minto Cup, hoping the Adanacs did well.

coquitlam-adanacsBut secondly, the Adanacs, despite their ongoing rivalry with the Salmonbellies, have their roots in New Westminster. The “Adanac Basketball Club” was formed in New Westminster in the 1920’s (the Salmonbellies preceded them by decades). In spring 1933 the club started a lacrosse team to keep the players active during the summer. During the Second World War the team disbanded with most of its players in the armed forces, but was restarted after the war and played again until 1951 when they merged with the Salmonbellies.

In 1965, former players and executives resurrected the old team name in Coquitlam, and except for one year based in Portland, Oregon, in the professional league, the Adanacs have been in Coquitlam ever since.

While no one can doubt the Salmonbellie-Adanac rivalry, many big names in Salmonbellie history wore the purple and gold of the Adanacs at one point or another in their careers.

With thanks to Stan Shillington for historical detail.