Secret Santa Community Edition: # 7

Here’s number seven in our River Market Secret Santa series. (Numbers 1234, 5, and 6. ) 

For many, the focus from everyday life turns towards the spirit of giving during the holiday season. This year River Market invited ten citizens from New Westminster to shop for gifts on River Market’s dollar. Many would say these citizens are actively engaged in making this wonderful city better each day. These individuals were tasked to hand pick each item which they thought would make a great gift and their only parameter was that they had $50 to spend. Once they were done their shopping, they would wrap the gift and deliver it to an organization of their choice in New West.

We profiled the Downtown BIA’s own Christmas promo the other day, but today, this installment of Secret Santa Community Edition features Angie Whitfield and Trestan Yuen. Angie’s been a resident since 2000 and works for the Downtown BIA and Trestan started working for the Downtown BIA as a Summer Ambassador and has stayed on as the Digital Marketing Co-ordinator.


The Downtown BIA office has adopted a family this year through the Caring Neighbour Program. “We were given a family of refugees from Syria with 12 and 15 year girls. We’ll be adding today’s items to the larger Downtown BIA gift,” explains Angie. “This is a good opportunity to switch our viewpoint from getting to giving. As a mom with children I can’t imagine having how hard it would be to have a Christmas when you wouldn’t be able to give your family a celebration.”


  1. Seasonal Chocolate Bars – Donald’s Market
  2. Mints – Donald’s Market
  3. Hard Candies – Donald’s Market
  4. Scratch and Wins – Paddlewheeler Liquor Store
  5. Cold FX Immune System boosters – Donald’s Market
  6. Lip Balm & Sugar Scrub – Jolene’s Natural Soapworks
  7. Tre Galli Gift Cards

When asked what’s they’d wish for, Angie said “For people to see the value of giving – especially young kids. More pay it forward type of experiences,” and Trestan asked for River Market food vouchers. “The food here is so good!” (we agree!)