What’s Going On With Us

Our April issue was delivered to distributors and mailed/dropped off to all subscribers. If you’ve picked up a copy and read the editorial, you would have learned that the April 2017 issue is our last print issue for now as the Tenth team made the decision to discontinuing printing. Financially, we were not able to make a go of the print magazine after a year and while I’m disappointed to be shutting down print operations, I know that we’re in good company with numerous now-defunct local media outlets, and I know we did good things in the community for a year. We give sincere thanks to our advertisers, subscribers, writers, photographers, and readers for their support this past year. We tried, we learned, but we’re also smart enough to know when its not working. There is a vast difference between giving up and strategically disengaging, and we choose the latter.

The good news is that the website will still operate. We are mildly amused every day with what people search for that brings them to Tenth. A post from seven years ago still is our most popular post, and you people are a snoopy lot – names of locals are also popular search strings. When the site was started in 2007 (Wow! Ten years went by fast!), its goal was to connect New Westers to one another, and we’d still like to help do that. You can contribute your events and stories. Trust me, you do not need to be a professional writer or photographer. We’re here to help.

You can also support Tenth by purchasing advertising for our website. The ads are modestly priced so that non-profits and community groups can access them: $50 + GST for a week, or $150 +GST for a month for a 300px X 100px ad that you supply. The advertising covers the expenses of running the site and helps pay for things like venue rental fees for events we organize in real life.

You may have also noticed a bit of a refresh on our website. (thanks Catriona!) We’ve folded the magazine articles into the regular archives, and we’ve done away with themes. We’ve also made it easier to search the archives, and find the recurring series – check the sidebar for those. And yes, we still want to know what happens with Oscar and Willa!

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with us. What’s going on with you? Speak up, New West, and let’s talk online.

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  1. sorry to see you are letting the printed version go but I always follow you through Twitter anyways. I know how hard it is to keep up the costs on printing being an old indie publisher myself who gave in to the net years ago.

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