Ten Reasons to Shop at Royal City Gogos’ Craft Fair

  1. Come for the vibe – there is great fun. It’s a chance to meet your neighbours, chat with your friends, and compare purchases with strangers.
  2. Be inspired by the imagination and creativity of the artisans. They will tell you about their inspiration for the items, their pleasure in creating them and how they were made. You’ll have story to tell about meeting the artisan.
  3. There’s food! Savoury finger foods on Friday night, pastries on Saturday and BBQ hotdogs on Sunday for Family Day.
  4. Shatter your generational stereotypes about what a senior craft sale would include. Support their activism as feminists, artisans and AIDS advocates.
  5. Listen to the stories about African grandmothers who are caring for children orphaned by the AIDS and their struggle to feed, clothe, and send the orphans to school.
  6. Understand the solidarity between Canadian and African grandmothers in caring for the future hope of Africa.
  7. Learn about the profound effect the money raised from the sale will have for the millions of orphaned children connected to community-based projects funded by the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
  8. On Sunday you should come back with your kids. Children can create at the imagination station, decorate and devour homemade cookies, do a little shopping for specially-priced family gifts with the help of the New West Youth Ambassadors as personal shoppers. Meanwhile you can do some serious craft shopping on your own.
  9. Shop locally. Why drive downtown when you can shop for artisanal quality products close to home? Unifor, 326 12th Street has easy, free parking, free admission, and is wheel-chair accessible.
  10. Enjoy feeling good about buying meaningful handcrafted items and giving back to others at the same time.


See royalcitygogos.org for more details.


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  1. These are all valid reasons to attend! New visitors are amazed and returning visitors count on us for quality and style. Everyone says it is fun and up-beat. It is definitely friendly!

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