New Menu for New West Favourite El Santo

I had the pleasure of sampling items at El Santo’s new menu tasting event which is always something I look forward to, considering it’s one of my favourite spots in the City. A few highlights from the evening…scraping every last drop from the bowl of sopa de garbanzo probably in an embarrassing way, if it was acceptable to lick a soup bowl clean in public I most definitely would have. And the carne asada…I will be back (Terminator tone) for you…the beef was cooked to a “melt in your mouth” perfection and the sautéed greens will have you wanting more. And if you’re looking to reminisce back to glorious summer evenings around the campfire, may I suggest trying the El Vicente cocktail (skull bottle)…you’ll know exactly what I mean 😉. The pescado a la veracruzana (rock fish dish) is a new take on their previous one and it really works, and if you’re anything like me and have no clue how to deconstruct a fish at the table, don’t be shy and ask for help. The charred corn husk flan was a great ending to our feast, not too sweet and loved the texture…and those candied nuts had me wanting more.