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Tenth to the Fraser is written by Briana Tomkinson and over 80 contributing writers from the community. If you’d like to write a guest post on a New Westminster issue, business, place or event, drop me a line at

This website is self-funded and managed, with volunteer contributions from many individuals in the community. Although we have run ads in the past to partially cover the costs of running the site, we do not currently receive funding for the blog from sponsors, grants or other sources. We are currently exploring a sponsorship model in order to increase the resources available to write and maintain the site.

Blog authors:

Briana Tomkinson
Briana Tomkinson moved to New Westminster in 2006, living first on Quayside Dr. before settling in New Westminster’s West End. After many fruitless searches for local information online, she thought it was time to do something about it. The result is this site, Tenth to the Fraser, which she co-founded with her husband Will. You can find Briana on Twitter @10thtothefraser and @breebop.

Will Tomkinson
Will Tomkinson grew up roaming Queen’s Park, which he claimed as a natural extension of his family’s front yard. A fourth-generation son of New Westminster, Will can point out not only the houses where his father and grandfather were born, but also the past and current homes of his dad’s prom date. Will is the brains behind the name of this blog, which outlines the approximate borders of New Westminster: from 10th Avenue to the Fraser River.

Guest contributors:

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Briana Tomkinson

Briana Tomkinson is a New Westminster writer and mother of three. She is the managing editor of Tenth to the Fraser, which she co-founded along with her husband Will Tomkinson in 2008.
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