Featured Artist: Ginger Deverell

ginger_deverell-59This issue’s featured artist is Ginger Deverell.

She is a mother, wife, book hound, and nature lover. She is also an artist, illustrator and surface designer. She works from her cozy attic studio in her early 1900’s home in Sapperton, New Westminster, Canada. Ginger creates portraits, patterns, florals and artistic prose—offering visual reminders of the strength that lives in beauty and the beauty within ourselves.

 About the painting:

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Q10 with Mayor Jonathan Coté

This article originally appeared in Issue Zero of our print magazine which came out in April 2016. Q10 is a regular feature in the magazine, and features questions from Tenth to the Fraser to someone in our community. For our inaugural issue, we asked Mayor Jonathan Coté for his responses. 

Our city is currently working on a revised Official Community Plan and a very large part of that conversation is on the housing that will be required if the predicted number of people really do arrive here within a few decades.

Laneway housing. Row housing. Townhouses. How do we have respectful conversations about the transformation of housing in our city? Tenth to the Fraser sat down with Mayor Jonathan Coté for a chat about the transformation of housing. Continue reading “Q10 with Mayor Jonathan Coté”

A Chance to Get Engaged

With the City, not to it.

Did you know the City has a Public Engagement Task Force? Yes, they do! I have been a member of this task force since it began meeting in early 2015 to investigate and make recommendations for the City to shape the way they engage with the public.

A task force is different than a committee in that it is brought together for the express purpose of investigating something or developing a single project and is then disbanded. Many committees continue to meet in perpetuity.

I have enjoyed my PETF meetings – the members are creative, intelligent, and inspiring community leaders, along with a number of City employees who work in an engagement capacity (such as communications or planning) frequently. Our conversations are insightful and exciting and I feel like we are really getting meaningful work done that will help connect residents to the City better.
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Meet the Press!

and new Cultural Services staff, too.

Kristina Fiedrich, the new arts programmer for the City of New Westminster’s Cultural Services, is pretty excited about the possibility of things to come.

Fiedrich brings a wealth of skills and experience as an arts administrator, artist and scholar. She has earned graduate degrees in Visual Arts from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design and Comparative Media Arts from SFU, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Thompson Rivers University in Studio Art and diplomas in Photography, Professional Photo Imaging and Printmaking from Capilano University, Langara College and the University College of the Cariboo.

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