What Can You Get for $40?

DSCN1740What can you get for $40?

Some believe, when it comes to Farmer’s Markets, not much. Because the food isn’t mass produced on a level of say Safeway or Costco suppliers, surely the prices are a premium?

The Royal City Farmers’ Market is challenging that notion. They believe that with a little bit of resourcefulness, $40 can go a long way at the market.

Every Thursday, from now until the end of the summer market season, we’re going to put that belief to the test. I will be spending $40 to fill my fridge and pantry with market staples. I’ll write about the successes, and the failures. Continue reading “What Can You Get for $40?”

Changing Careers

Author Katie Bartel has seen her share of teacher strikes.

Five years ago a seedling was planted within me, one that would eventually change the direction of my life, but one I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined.

A running friend had asked me to meet with a friend of hers who, like me, has type-1 diabetes. She was training for her first half marathon and was looking for tips on how to manage running with diabetes. I was in the midst of training for my first marathon and had a handful of half marathons under my belt already; our mutual friend thought I’d be a good resource in how to run with diabetes. Turns out, this once stranger, and now good friend, was pivotal in transforming my life path. Continue reading “Changing Careers”