Volunteer Transformations: A Retrospective

When we think about volunteers, we think about people who are helping others. If you mentor a child, you are changing that child’s life. When you visit a home-bound senior, you are changing that seniors’ life.

Volunteering doesn’t only change the person you help. It changes you just as profoundly. I’m Stacy Ashton, and I run Community Volunteer Connections, the local volunteer centre for New Westminster and Tri-Cities.  In my work I get to see the impact of volunteering, but the story I want to tell today is how volunteering has consistently transformed my life, professionally and personally. Continue reading “Volunteer Transformations: A Retrospective”

Seven Tips for Volunteering in New West

I love volunteering. My latest volunteer gig is actually a lifelong dream, from when I was 6 and wanted to be a librarian and part-time lion tamer when I grew up. I am one of the newest appointees to the New Westminster Library Board. Squee!

Volunteering has always been how I express the things that I love most in the world. My volunteering has included socializing cats at the Royal City Humane Society (including litter duty), helping out at the Vancouver Science Fiction Convention, and talking people through their hardest days on the Vancouver Crisis Line.

That’s a lot of different experiences, and most of them aren’t going to be full-time jobs.

But I do have a full-time position running Community Volunteer Connections, our local volunteer centre, so it is part of my actual job to help people get into volunteering. Here are my top 7 tips to find volunteer opportunities you’ll love! Continue reading “Seven Tips for Volunteering in New West”