Farmers Market Challenge: Plan! Plan! Plan!

(This is part of a series, check out the intro.) 

Going into the first week of our $40 market-spending challenge, I knew my husband and I were going to have to rework the way we did things with regards to meal planning and formulating shopping lists. Previously, we’d sit down at the end of the week to figure out the meals for the coming week, and then set a plan for acquiring groceries based on those meals. But with the Royal City Farmers’ Market on Thursdays, meal planning needed to be pushed back to at least Wednesday, if not Tuesday.

Instead of just coming up with meals off the tip of our tongues, we researched online what vendors were at the market for the coming week. We knew, given the amount of salads and vegetables we eat, we wanted the majority of our stock to be produce. We wanted something unique, something you wouldn’t necessarily see at the grocery store, or even the vegetable-specific shops. We also wanted a protein, which we recognized would eat up a good chunk of our budget. As such, fruit was not a priority; my family eats fruit nearly every meal and snack of the day, and unfortunately a small basket just wouldn’t go a long way. Continue reading “Farmers Market Challenge: Plan! Plan! Plan!”

What Can You Get for $40?

DSCN1740What can you get for $40?

Some believe, when it comes to Farmer’s Markets, not much. Because the food isn’t mass produced on a level of say Safeway or Costco suppliers, surely the prices are a premium?

The Royal City Farmers’ Market is challenging that notion. They believe that with a little bit of resourcefulness, $40 can go a long way at the market.

Every Thursday, from now until the end of the summer market season, we’re going to put that belief to the test. I will be spending $40 to fill my fridge and pantry with market staples. I’ll write about the successes, and the failures. Continue reading “What Can You Get for $40?”