Distribution, Schedule, and Subscriptions

Tenth to the Fraser is excited to have launched a print version of our popular online magazine. Featuring unique content in a beautiful format, this half-letter size magazine is available for free bi-monthly at selected local outlets.

Content from the magazine will be published online within a few days of the magazine getting out there. Frequently, we will include expanded or extra content that didn’t fit in the print magazine when we publish the articles online.


We are pleased to be available at the following businesses (list updated as of November 29):



Our next print publication schedule is as follows. Please note we do have back issues available for purchase. Just email us to arrange. We’ll even give you a deal if you buy more than one!

  • April 2016 – out now!
  • June 2016 – out now!
  • August 2016 – out now!
  • October 2016 – out now!
  • December 2016 – out now!
  • February 2017 – out now!
  • April 2017 – coming soon!


We also offer a subscription if you’d prefer to have your copy mailed to you, plus we mail subscriptions out a week before they hit the free outlets. This is a great way to show your support for what we are doing on Tenth to the Fraser. You can subscribe if you see us at a community event, or by buying online below. Whatever is the next issue that we print will be what you get. If you’re hoping for the current issue, or even a back issue, please contact us before ordering to see if we have the one you’re looking for kicking around.

Note: purchases today will begin with the December 2016 edition unless you tell us otherwise.