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New Westminster’s thriving blogosphere includes a number of excellent blogs. Here are a few of the best. If you know a blog that should be on this list, please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to add it to the list!

Local news/issues


  • Green New West – Patrick Johnstone’s wicked smart take on environmental issues in New Westminster. Pat’s the president of the New Westminster Environmental Partners (NWEP), a non-partisan group promoting sustainability. He is a trained environmental geoscientist and works as an environmental coordinator.
  • Car(e)free New West – A working mom and scientist blogs about family life ‘sans automobile.’
  • Glenbrook North Zero Waste – Colborne St. neighbours challenged themselves to see how close they could get to zero waste, and blog about their progress.
  • Down By The River – Photo-filled blog about local environment and sustainability.
  • URBNgreen – Kathleen Somerville writes about education & environmental stewardship.

Personal blogs

  • The Arbolog – Tenth to the Fraser regular Jen Arbo also writes a personal blog about family, green living and updates on her backyard chickens.
  • The Cheeseblog – The funniest blog in New West. Clara writes about her kids, her community and whatever else is on her mind.
  • St. Aardvark The Carpeted – Married to Ms. Cheeseblog, St. Aardvark writes a techie blog that is unreadable to mere mortals. If you understand sentences like, “For fun, I tried running the job with MPICH2, another MPI implementation and found pretty terrible performance. It turned out that it wasn’t running on all the nodes…in fact, it was only running on one node, and with as many processes as CPUs I’d specified. Since this was meant to be a 4-node, 8-CPU/node version, that meant 32 copies of Emacs on one node. Damn right it was slow,” then this blog is for you.
  • A Moment 2 Think – A recent transplant to New Westminster from Calgary, Kathleen blogs about motherhood and parenting, politics, the environment, food and whatever else is on her mind. She hosts “ControverSunday,” a weekly blog carnival that challenges mommybloggers and others to weigh in on controversial issues.
  • In New West With Kids – Linda M. Tobias shares her observations about family life in New West
  • Me Gusta! – Leslie Robinson writes about eclectic topics that interest her
  • Crunchy Carpets – A New Westminster mom of three writes about parenting and family life.
  • Michelle’s Family Journal – Mom Michelle writes about life at home with her daughter.
  • Acts of Minor Treason – Andrew Barton writes about transit, science fiction and other wonderfully nerdy things. He writes in his bio that he has been accused of being a “pencil neck geek.”
  • Distinctly DearheartBrigette Mayer writes about life and creativity.
  • Liquid ThoughtsMatthew Laird‘s blog includes everything from political opinions to recipes.
  • Knit Better Socks – The prolific Reena Meijer Drees shares sock-knitting tips.
  • My Year of Shopping Locally – Queensborough writer Sheila Keenan challenged herself to shop only within the limits of New Westminster for a whole year, and blogged her progress. Her experiment is now over, but there are lots of good local shopping tips in the archives.


Personal Finance
  • Half-Assed Fiction – Collaborative fiction set in New Westminster, written by many of the same folks who write for Tenth to the Fraser.
  • Christine Rowlands – Blog about writing from a wordsmith for hire.
  • The Delete Bin – Regular Tenth to the Fraser contributor (and kickass writer) Rob Jones writes about the music that moves him.
  • A Handful of Light – Local shutterbug Donald McKillican documents his progress as he experiments with different lighting techniques.

Politics beyond New West

More blogs written by local media folks
  • Cheap Shots – Legendarily frugal, The Record’s Alfie Lau shares tips for penny-pinching.
  • Jan Eats – Province newspaper food blogger Jan Zeschky lives in New Westminster

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  1. Wow, just what I was looking for! I was already combing through Blogger's Profiles for other New Westminster entries…but this is waaay easier! Lots of interesting stuff here! Thank you thank you!

    Oh and BTW, I've got a few other blogs as well that I can plug :) http://knitbettersocks.blogspot.com/ (dedicated to sock-knitting – an admittedly arcane art) http://bikethebcrails.blogspot.com/ (BC bike trips on the Kettle Valley Railway and Trans Canada Trail)
    My recent post Send $ Now.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Pip! This blog is very informative and there is a lot of information on it that voters will be surprised to know. As a voter and a taxpayer I am wondering why this has been kept so hush-hush by council….. maybe because they know that the citizens of New West value their parks and might begin to ask awkward questions if it came out?

  2. We've just launched a new blog – Royal Columbian Hospital: 150 Years of Caring – for the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation. It will have stories, anecdotes, photos etc from the last 150 years for RCH's anniversary. We'll be posting at least weekly and would love to have questions, comments and suggestions about what departments or services you'd like to know more about. Check it out at RCH150.wordpress.com.
    My recent post About RCH150

  3. Hi:
    Writer, author and blogger Susan L. Greig here.
    Hoping you can add my blog The Arts and Crafts Bungalow at http://www.artsandcraftsbungalow.com to your list.
    I'm a New Westminster home owner and write about my passion for A&C architecture, philosophy, landscape & design, and collectibles, especially anything related to New West and the lower mainland. I'm hoping to connect with others who also have A&C homes in the area.
    I enjoy reading Tenth to the Fraser and have added a link on my New Westminster page. I also go through the blog list here to include other NW blogs that my readers might find interesting!
    My recent post The Arts and Crafts Bungalow gets regular

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