Saving Money Simply

When I was about 15 my dad tried to force me into reading The Wealthy Barber in the hopes I’d glean some skills about how to manage my meagre babysitting money and earnings from my part time job at the video store. “Ugh,” said teenaged me. “Stop telling me what to do.”

Sigh. I wish I had listened a bit more closely to either one them and their advice, because I spent most of my 20s in a constant state of awful consumer and student loan debt. By my 30s I knew something had to change and I pulled up my socks and got on track. Today I would call myself an excellent budgeter and moderate saver – not too frugal but not too spendy – and one of my biggest goals is to instill financial literacy in my son.

I asked Gurpal Siekham, the branch manager from Westminster Savings, for some simple advice about getting on track with a savings plan. “It is never too late to start saving money or to become good at saving money,’ said Gurpal.

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New exercise program for people living with Parkinson’s to launch in New West

Fitness at all levels

A love for boxing brought Robyn Murrell to fitness.

Now the New Westminster personal trainer is planning to use some of that sport’s training techniques to help people living with Parkinson’s stay active and fit.

Parkinson’s is a progressive brain disease that robs sufferers of their fine motor skills, their mobility and sometimes even their ability to communicate. It often strikes when people are about to retire and enjoy the fruits of their life’s toil, but younger people aren’t immune from its symptoms.

Nobody knows what causes Parkinson’s, but some of its more famous sufferers include former boxers like Muhammed Ali, perhaps paying the price for years of blows to the head.

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Get ‘Er Done, New West

Estate planning: it may be scary, but it is very necessary.

Boring Adult Stuff like Powers of Attorney, Wills, and appointing a guardian for my child were on my to-do list for an embarrassingly high number of years. For years I (wrongly) believed that because I had no assets aside from a giant pile of student loans I didn’t need any planning documents.

Eighteen months ago I finally got my act together. On the pain in the butt scale, I’d rate it a 6.5 for having to find the time to make an appointment, arrange all the paperwork, seek and ask a guardian, and have a really important conversation with myself and my spouse about medical interventions. And it honestly wasn’t that cheap, either. But the truth is that it was a small amount of hassle for a whole bunch of peace of mind and I felt actual relief when it was done. And now I can forget all about it unless my circumstances change.

If you don’t yet have your act together here is an overview of what documents you might need and who can help. It probably goes without saying, but this post isn’t legal advice at all, and you should definitely seek the advice of a professional for your own personal situation. There are low or no cost services out there too, so don’t let cost be the reason you don’t get your act together.
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High speed bike racing is coming to Uptown New Westminster

Exciting criterium coming in May!

The B.C. provincial criterium championships are scheduled for the Royal City on May 28. The Hyack Festival Grand Prix will be held in conjunction with the annual Hyack Festival parade.

And while a course has yet to be finalized, David Brett, the race organizer, said the event will add to the excitement in Uptown on parade day.

“This will be one more reason for people to head Uptown, camp out for a few hours and take in a high-level sporting event,” said Brett.

A criterium is a high-speed competition in which riders circumnavigate a closed course one to two kilometre long dozens of times. The provincials will consist of races for juniors, senior men and women, as well as masters.

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Trying On a Plant-Based Diet

Plant-fueled local Melissa Maltais gives you some ideas.

If you are looking to incorporate more Meatless Monday meals into your weekly dinner rotation for health and economic benefits this year, New Westminster is a great place to shop for obscure and new-to-you plant based ingredients. Here is a handy guide for anyone looking for unfamiliar ingredients around New Westminster. Continue reading “Trying On a Plant-Based Diet”