Submission Guidelines

writingYes! Tenth to the Fraser does accept submissions from the community. In fact, a diversity of voices on our site is a goal.

We focus mainly on content that centres on the arts & culture in our community; vignettes, slice of life, and profiles; verifiable historical notes; art including photography and fiction writing; op-eds about life in New West; sports and active and healthy living; family life and social connections; and community building. For guidelines for our monthly “Photo Essay Feature”, check out this page.

Submissions from or about businesses must provide some sort of insight into the community – whether it is highlighting great work you are doing that will have an impact on the community (donated public art? Free workshop or learning opportunity? Grant available?) or telling us all about your awesome employees going above and beyond – and will be reviewed on an as-received basis for fit.

We don’t generally reprint press releases as we think it is too impersonal, but you don’t need to be a professional writer with a big portfolio to write for us. We appreciate submissions that come typo-free, include high-resolution photos we may have permission to use, and are aligned with our monthly themes, but previous work is not required. We can help with editing and giving you direction and feedback to get you going.

If your work is select for the print magazine, we do currently compensate with small honorariums for your time. If your piece is on the website only, we are not currently able to offer compensation. We are hoping to be able to compensate all writers – whether it’s online or in print – before the end of 2016, but we aren’t quite there yet. (And hey, if you and your business is interested in sponsoring a week’s worth of content online, get in touch with me to discuss options and how it can benefit your business.)

We do reserve the right to edit for fit and clarity, but if substantive edits are made, we will check in with you before publishing. We also reserve the right to politely say no thank you if your idea doesn’t quite fit with our goals.

Whether you are interested in writing for the online or print magazine, we ask that you first contact us at and let us know what you’re thinking of, so that we can be sure someone else isn’t already working on it.

Thank you for considering contributing to Tenth!


Our content on both the website and in the print magazine is organized around a monthly theme. These are generally conceptual and open to a few different interpretations. We think they are a great way of keeping the content focused here.

2016's themes:

2017’s themes:

  • January – Beginnings
  • February – Family (Print)
  • March – Seeds
  • April – Reflection (Print)
  • May – Growth
  • June – Strength (Print)
  • July – Challenge