Submission Guidelines for Photo Essays

If you’re interested in contributing to our  monthly “Photo Essay” feature, please read on for guidelines.

photographerEach month, Tenth to the Fraser selects a theme that the content is all centred around. For the “Photo Essay” feature, we invite two photographers to submit 8-12 photos each – one on the monthly theme, and then one on an opposite interpretation of it.

For example, in February Nadine Hansen submitted a collection of photos on “Connection“, and Kevin McConnell submitted his collection on “Disconnection“.

Here’s some details to keep in mind:
  • This is a volunteer contribution, however we do link to any websites/portfolios/online shops and promote the posts on social media, and we give a lot of room for creativity.
  • The photos don’t need to be taken specifically for this “assignment”, they can be drawn from your archive. Watermarked photos are perfectly okay and are encouraged, so long as they can still be viewed.
  • Photos do need to be shot in New West or feature portraits of New Westminster people.
  • We’d need permission to have them in our archive in perpetuity and if the image has people in it, we’d need assurance the subject has signed a waiver if required.
  • We’d link to a bio/website/portfolio for the photographer in the introduction of the post if desired. Ideally, some supplied captions would be great – these help people understand why the photo was selected or what they are looking at. We publish the photo essay as a tiled mosaic in the post but if you click on any photo it opens a full size gallery.
  • We promote the posts on our social media and if the photographer has a page or social handle they’d like linked to, we’d include that.
  • Ideal size is at least 1200 px wide.

If this sounds like it might be up your alley, please get in touch. We’ve got the monthly themes planned out a number of months in advance, and can talk with you about some options that pique your interest. We appreciate locals contributing to this feature so that we can show off the unique angles in New Westminster.