Saving Money Simply

When I was about 15 my dad tried to force me into reading The Wealthy Barber in the hopes I’d glean some skills about how to manage my meagre babysitting money and earnings from my part time job at the video store. “Ugh,” said teenaged me. “Stop telling me what to do.”

Sigh. I wish I had listened a bit more closely to either one them and their advice, because I spent most of my 20s in a constant state of awful consumer and student loan debt. By my 30s I knew something had to change and I pulled up my socks and got on track. Today I would call myself an excellent budgeter and moderate saver – not too frugal but not too spendy – and one of my biggest goals is to instill financial literacy in my son.

I asked Gurpal Siekham, the branch manager from Westminster Savings, for some simple advice about getting on track with a savings plan. “It is never too late to start saving money or to become good at saving money,’ said Gurpal.

“I like to tell clients to keep it simple.”  Continue reading “Saving Money Simply”