Body Connections, One Bone at a Time

The toe bone is connected to… well… everything.

Isn’t it funny how we always think of bones and muscles individually? Let’s take it a step further and try to make a connection for you.

Full disclosure: We work at a gym. So, we may be a little biased when it comes to opinions, but we promise we write this not as a self-serving advertisement, but rather an observation from our own point of view.

We see so many people come in for assessments and NeruoKinetic therapy sessions that always have a complaint about some part of their body. Is it migraines? Is it knee pain? Is it low back pain? And you know what we normally find? It’s so rare that the site of pain is the source of the problem.

In the current health environment, that’s what we’re all trained to believe. If you have pain at the top of your head, take a drug or do nothing. But what if your pain is caused by your shoulders? What if your neck being weak is the culprit? This is where this idea that the toe bone is connected to… well… everything comes into play. Continue reading “Body Connections, One Bone at a Time”