Walkable Cities: Can We Be Happier Than We Are?


There has been a recent study that says that walkable cities do not make people happier. According to that study, this is because in the most walkable North American big cities such as Boston and New York City, there is a huge wage gap relative to cost of living for many of those city’s residents.

You can see where this is going already. With so many people working multiple jobs and trying to feed children, doing so at wages that are not in keeping with their financial constraints, the issue of how many walking paths, green spaces, or bike lanes in a given neighbourhood isn’t likely to make much of a dent on the happiness front in relation to those harsher realities.

My response to that, of course, is just this: duh.

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Monthly Theme: Transformation

This month we’re exploring “transformation”.

“How is ‘transformation’ different than last month’s theme, ‘renewal’?” you might ask. It’s a fair question.

My friend Dale, from A Sense of History Research Services, who has been contributing to a lot of the historical posts we’ve made this past few months, asked me why I thought these were two different themes.

Renewal is about freshening up, recharging the batteries, restoring to the initial state. Imagine work on a house that restores the ravages of time or the environment. Same house, but perhaps a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, getting the ducts cleaned, or the roof patched.

Transformation is taking one thing and evolving it to another. So, in my house analogy, the building is demolished and rebuilt as something different, but on the same lot.

That change, that evolution – and the space between the two – that’s what we’re looking at this month. We’ve got some stories about coming back after an injury, how volunteering can transform you, the difference between history and heritage, moving away despite this amazing community, housing, food, events, activities … you name it. Continue reading “Monthly Theme: Transformation”