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A tall metal filing cabinet for work or home use.
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As I was walking my dog in the West end this evening, I crossed the 14th street side entrance of St. Aidan’s Presbyterian Church. Besides being painfully hard to spell, St. Aidan’s Presbyterian Church is

well known as a center for early childhood development. Indeed, the portico of the West entrance to the basement of the church is festooned with resources and contacts for public nursing, language arts, and general infant health. I thought I could work in the word entablature there somewhere but that will have to wait for a post about Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral on Carnarvon I guess.

So not much was going on on the corner of 14th and 7th and I peered into the portico to see what was posted there. Amongst the community resources was a note on the door. “If anyone has a filing cabinet…”

Ms Shannon at the St. Aidan’s Children’s center needs a 4 door, lockable filing cabinet. I am not sure if this was the number on the note but call 604-526-4914 if you have one that you can’t use or want to donate. I bet they will put very nice things in it for you.

That is it. Just a shout out to all of you retired accountants.

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