Summer smoking ban begins in New West parks

Smokers, here’s another reason to quit. The City of New Westminster is banning smoking in all city parks and trails to reduce the risk of fire in the summer heat. Charcoal and wood-burning BBQs are also a no-go, along with the obvious ban on open fires. Propane BBQs are still allowed, so long as they’re on raised, non-combustible surfaces.

If you see any signs of smoke or fire, call 9-1-1 immediately. Last Wednesday’s storm notwithstanding, it’s pretty dry out there. We don’t want another 1898.

Patullo Bridge Opens Tomorrow!

According to Translink and the Vancouver Sun, the Patullo Bridge opens tomorrow morning at 6am – up to 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

Translink attributes the unexpected opening to their ability to source the workers and supplies needed to repair the southern part of the span that was destroyed by fire. A replacement span from part of the Canada Line construction project was even used to take the place of the missing span, which sped up the rebuilding process considerably.

The slow response of vehicle commuters, however, has got transit planners thinking ahead to the expected traffic pattern changes for the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Read the article for more of the discussion:

h/t to @anothersamchan for the RT.