Your Insider Guide to Feast on the Fraser

twitter-picLast year Tourism New West launched a great initiative to promote the growing, local food scene in New Westminster. What is Feast on the Fraser? It is a 10-day culinary experience that pairs food and fun with a signature event each day from September 23 to October 2. There’s an event every day of the fest, priced at $25, $45, or $65. All of them feature ingredients produced in the fertile Fraser Valley.  Continue reading “Your Insider Guide to Feast on the Fraser”

Time on the Water

Hands up! Who has been on the M.V. Native, also known as the Paddlewheeler Riverboat that cruises the Fraser and Pitt Lake? This is one of my favourite New West things to do and it’s one of the things I’d put on my “New West Score Card” for visitors and locals alike to check off. If you haven’t been, you need to go. The owners, Doug and Helga Leaney, are two of the nicest people you’ll meet. 27 years ago, they started this local company with a single boat, and now they offer two boats – the M.V. Native, a 100 passenger replica sternwheeler built in 1988 and the smaller M.V. Beta Star, a 40 passenger catamaran better for cruising shallower waters such as in Pitt Lake.

They offer a lot of really great pre-programmed cruises, many of which are family-friendly, as well as custom designed private charters for family reunions, weddings, corporate team building, and community events. They’re flexible and open to new ideas, too, like this Pitt Lake Bike tour they’ve introduced this year. Continue reading “Time on the Water”

Green Party Alive and Well

greenSince the last election campaign, membership in the Green Party of Canada for New West residents is at an all time high. Support has been growing, with young and old alike keeping the flame alive until we head to the polls again in 2019. This kind of between election support for a small political party is rare, so what’s up, Greens? I was the candidate for New Westminster-Burnaby in the last federal election. Here’s the thing:

I haven’t always voted Green. In fact, one thing almost every Green supporter has in common is that they haven’t always voted Green. Most of us were members of a different political party in the past; some of us members of multiple different parties. But we’ve all come to the same conclusion: we need to think more about the long-term, we need to ensure future generations are not burdened by our short-sightedness, we need sustainability.

Continue reading “Green Party Alive and Well”