Monthly Theme: Joy


Last Christmas I bought cards to send to my family and friends in other places and they were emblazoned with a single word across the front – JOY – and adorned with gold gems and a healthy dose of glitter. They were very pretty, and I liked their simpleness. I wrote out all my cards, popped them in the mail, and didn’t give it another thought. Three months later, one of those cards was returned to me in the mail. Seems I’d addressed my friend’s card incorrectly, and for whatever reason it took three months for the card to find its way back to me. The Christmas moment having long passed, I decided to shred the card, but felt I should pull the plastic gems off the card to recycle separately. As I pulled the card out of the envelope, the big gold JOY hit me smack in the face and I stopped in my tracks and thought “What is joyful about today?” It was March then, a bit grey and drizzly, but I managed to list off a few things that were bringing me joy that particular day. It put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Since then I have often found myself stopping for a moment, and asking myself, “What is joyful about today?” There are many days when I am really stretching it to find something joyful: “a hot cup of tea at just the right moment” isn’t exactly monumental stuff. But if that particular day has been filled with technical difficulties in your job, a cat that woke you up at 4:30am demanding to be fed, a lost permission slip, and a telemarketer who interrupts the dinner you are eating hurriedly despite burning it… well, that cup of tea IS joy. Continue reading “Monthly Theme: Joy”