Kickstart! Trivia Night Extravaganza

Do you ever wonder what to do with all that crazy trivial knowledge that languishes unseen and unknown in your brain? Lucky for you, you can bust it out at Kickstart!, a Trivia Night Extravaganza, coming soon, and all for a good cause. The night’s events will help sponsor a Syrian refugee family soon to make their home in New Westminster.

In a few weeks, Nader, his wife, Taghreed, their daughter, Raseen, age 12, and young son Mohammed, age 5, will be heading here from a refugee camp in Jordan. It has been five long years there – the only home the son has ever known. It’s hard to imagine what this family has been through. Their home city was one of the centres of strife, so they were forced to flee. A refugee camp is a life of limbo, of rootlessness and dislocation in every sense of the word.

Kickstart! Trivia Night Extravaganza is a great opportunity for you to make a huge difference to this family who is moving from the other side of the world to start again in our community. Imagine traversing the globe to a new home where the culture, language and way of life are incredibly different to what you know. Giving them a good financial start will give them solid footing to get grounded. Continue reading “Kickstart! Trivia Night Extravaganza”