Featured Artist: Ginger Deverell


ginger_deverell-59This issue’s featured artist is Ginger Deverell.

She is a mother, wife, book hound, and nature lover. She is also an artist, illustrator and surface designer. She works from her cozy attic studio in her early 1900’s home in Sapperton, New Westminster, Canada. Ginger creates portraits, patterns, florals and artistic prose—offering visual reminders of the strength that lives in beauty and the beauty within ourselves.

 About the painting:

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The War In Me

Guns for 10-2-F (1)

This piece originally appeared on Tenth to the Fraser in Issue Zero of our print magazine, April 2016, and was originally presented as a part of the Wait for Me, Daddy celebrations.  

When I was 11 years old, two blocks from my home, a stand of trees grew on a strip of land. You’d cross a few streets from our home, and it would bring you to the place that we called The Woods.

It wasn’t a forest or a nature preserve or a park. Just leftover, neglected, underdeveloped parcel of land, fringed by tall grass and old trees in the middle. I’m sure now it would appear to be a mere back lot but back then it represented a place of freedom, a wilderness.

When there was enough of us to form two sides, my friends and I would head to it with stolen broom handles, broken hockey sticks, and garbage can lids in our hands and we would play our games, wargames.

Absolute anachronology ruled. We were fantastic eternal chameleons warriors. Nazi one moment, then shining elf, knight of the Round Table next, a merry man of Sherwood Forest, or even a Nazi Elf. It was all possible in the Woods.

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