Highlights for Arts Council of New Westminster

My name is Stephen, I became the Executive Director of The Arts Council of New Westminster in March of 2015.  Just before I arrived, a new board was elected at our AGM and they had all kinds of fresh new ideas. It’s my job to make them happen.  It’s got to be one of the best jobs in the city!

What’s an Arts Council?  That’s usually the first question people ask when I tell them what I do.  The answer I’ve been telling people lately is “we’re a coalition of artists and arts supporters, from the Performing arts to the Literary arts and the Visual arts.” Someday I hope we can add the Culinary Arts and even Martial Arts.

logo-nav [Converted]What is the Arts Council of New Westminster?  It’s an awesome grass roots organization with a rich 49 year history in New Westminster that was created by artists in 1967 to represent the needs and interests of artists in your community. The ACNW works to support the development of emerging artists and connects the community to artists that are established. Everyday we work infuse the arts into the daily lives of the community of New Westminster.

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