Is Spring Cleaning Still a Thing?

Spring cleaning is an important part of some cultures and religions. In the Iranian culture the vernal equinox marks the beginning of a 2-week festival celebrating Nowruz or the New Year. Each year before it begins, Iranians thoroughly clean their houses to get rid of the old year’s dirt and to welcome the new year in as good condition as possible. In the Jewish culture, Passover, in March or April, marks the departure of the Jewish people from Egypt. It is important that no leavened product, not even a crumb, be in the home during that celebration, and so houses are rigorously cleaned from top to bottom.

Linex Floor Wax adFor others, spring cleaning has a much more practical history. In the past, houses were kept shut tight throughout the winter to keep in what little heat they had. Coal and wood fires spread soot and dust throughout the house. Curtains and bedding could be beaten or washed and dried outside in the spring sun, while furniture could be taken outside, dusted or disposed of and replaced. Of course, through much of history, the state of the house was considered the responsibility of a woman, and she heard loud and clear that her worth as a woman was judged in large part by the cleanliness of her house. Continue reading “Is Spring Cleaning Still a Thing?”