Here We Go Again

#NewWestVotesWhat’s happening in New Westminster politics has been a great portion of this site’s history. We’ve written all sorts of think pieces, op-eds, event previews and recaps, profiles, and have also hosted all-candidates events. Our comments section has always made for lively discussion, as well.

In the past, we’ve often endorsed certain candidates.

We’ve made the editorial decision that from now on, Tenth to the Fraser will not endorse any particular candidate for any election. True, our editor’s political leanings are not exactly secret, but we just don’t think Tenth to the Fraser, as a business and a team of a few people, needs to make a proclamation about who we think is the right leader.

We do commit to write about what we think is much more important: providing information about how, when, and why to vote, and providing a platform for all candidates to give answers to questions, purchase advertising (so long as they meet our guidelines about suitable advertisements), and have an opportunity to submit pieces about the issues their position might have to cover.

So…. guess what?

There’s a school trustee by-election coming up to replace Mary-Ann Mortensen who resigned in March this year, and that means you are voting for a single person to replace her. Just because it’s only one person doesn’t make it any less important for New West to vote, in fact, it’s almost more important that you do put in the effort. And regardless of whether you have children, trustees work collaboratively to develop policies and lead and represent New Westminster Schools, and ultimately, they work to raise awesome future New Westers who might one day be your neighbour, your employee, or your caregiver.

For a bit more info about what trustees do and why you should care no matter that, check out this article from back in 2011.

The election takes place on June 11. if you can’t make that, then there is also two opportunities for advanced voting: June 1 at City Hall, and again on June 4 at Glenbrook Middle School. All of the date and places are available on the City’s website and all voting opportunities are from 8am to 8pm.

Who’s running? There are two candidates who have filed: Dee Beattie, backed by the District Labour Council, and Mary Lalji, running as an independent. I sent both candidates the same questions, and I’m printing them below exactly as received. Dee got her responses in first, so hers are listed on top. If you’ve got more questions that need answers before you make a decision, get in touch with your candidates and ask them your questions! Their contact info is included below.  Continue reading “Here We Go Again”