Meet Marianne

Story by Marianne Hunter

I’ve been trying to write this since May, and honestly it should not have been this hard. I already had the base material: the presentation I did, or rather – failed to do, for PechaKucha New West. Turns out the thought of turning it into a semi-decent article alone is very overwhelming. If you knew me at all, you’d probably still not understand why something this small seems like a gigantic endeavour.

You see, the presentation was about the fact I have autism, among many other diagnoses that I’d been collecting since I was a teenager and how it affected my life, and that of my friends’ and family’s. I wrote down 20 bits that could be made into illustration by an amazingly talented friend that not only offered to be there as my support person – but ended up doing the whole presentation for me when I couldn’t. The organizers knew I was a flight risk, so they gave me the first spot! Unfortunately, not even that could help me. (Editor’s Note: I highly recommend watching the presentation linked to, above!) Continue reading “Meet Marianne”