NEXT New West fall kickoff event at Red Brick Oct. 5

Photo: Red Brick
Photo: Red Brick

If I had an HGTV producer’s blank cheque to go redecorate my living room, my first stop would be Red Brick. The arcane language of interior design escapes me, but suffice it to say that almost everything in the new-ish store on Carnarvon St. is just lovely – and in many cases, surprisingly affordable. In addition to sofas, bedframes, chairs and tables, Red Brick carries a carefully curated selection of lamps, clocks, mirrors, quirky knick-knacks, gifts and cards.

On October 5 from 5:30-7:30pm, the store will host the fall kickoff event for NEXT New West, a monthly casual social group for young professionals. Catered by nearby Quantum Deli & Bistro, the free event will be an easygoing opportunity to mingle and meet other young adults living or working in New Westminster, wine glass in hand. Plus, any purchases made that evening will be 10% off.

Unlike most networking events, there isn’t a lot of business card-swapping and smarmy sales pitches are strongly discouraged. NEXT events are social first, business second. There will be a brief pause in the party for the quarterly ‘members spotlight,’ in which three NEXT members will have two or three minutes each to introduce themselves and share what they do professionally in the city. That concludes the formal program.

If you’re planning to attend, please RSVP to

Event Details:

  • What: NEXT NW Fall Kick Off Event, hosted by Red Brick
  • When: Wednesday October 5th, 2011, 5:30-7:30pm

Classic charcuterie with a touch of the exotic at Quantum Deli & Bistro

Setting a new standard for café quality in New Westminster, Quantum Deli and Bistro brings a little slice of Yaletown to our Downtown area (cat-sized dogs not included).

Quantum Deli & Bistro, at 41 Sixth St. in New Westminster
Quantum Deli & Bistro, at 41 Sixth St. in New Westminster

Quantum offers a killer cup of coffee, gorgeous decor, free wifi and a touch of the exotic with its homey paninis and soups. Look for unusual fare like za’atar alongside the egg salad sandwiches, and ma’amoul (date-stuffed sugarless cookies … oh so yummy) next to the shortbread.

Every table is set with a small, modern arrangement from Queen’s Park Florist. The menus are displayed on digital screens. Quantum is probably one of the only New Westminster eateries to be written up in an interior design magazine (Or so the owner mentioned last time we were in. I didn’t catch the name of the publication, unfortunately).

I maintain that ordering decaf is the best way to tell if a restaurant’s coffee is up to snuff. Decaffeinated coffee is almost always terrible, and only quality beans make it worth drinking. Quantum serves 49th Parallel coffee, which my coffee snob friends tell me is the good stuff (not like my taste buds couldn’t tell).

Quantum also sells sliced deli meats, cheese, olives, roasted red peppers and dolmades at or below grocery store prices.  They carry sandwich cheese favourites like Havarti and Edam, but there were also some I’d never heard of before. After sampling a few cheeses, we walked away with some mellow Kashkaval and salty Nabelsi. It’s worth noting that Quantum also provides meat & cheese party platters, also at grocery store prices (while offering far better quality food).

All in all, I’m very impressed, and I plan to be back.

Quantum Deli & Bistro is at 41 Sixth St. Next time you’re in the area, instead of waiting in line at the Starbucks on Columbia, duck around the corner and give Quantum a try instead.