Conservative Nomination Update for New West-Coquitam Riding

Two contestant meetings have been organized by the Electoral District Association for the Conservative party; all candidate events for the upcoming Conservative Party nomination on July 25th.

The first event will be held between 6:30PM-8:30PM at the Justice Institute Theater, 715 McBride Boulevard, New Westminster. The second event will be Wednesday, July 15th between 6:30PM and 8:30PM in the MacDonald-Cartier Room of the Dogwood Pavilion, 624 Poirier Street, Coquitlam. As previously reported, four candidates are up for the nomination: Diana Dilworth of Port Moody, Mark Lea-McKeown of Coquitlam, Andy Wickey of Coquitlam and New Westminster`s very own Lorraine Brett.

Conservative Party EDA Website at

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Local Tories Set to Pick Candidate for New West-Coquitlam

Canadian Conservative officials from the New West-Coquitlam electoral district association report that four candidates will vie for the Conservative nomination in that riding including:

Lorraine Brett, New Westminster

Diana Dilworth, Port Moody

Mark Lea-McKeown, Coquitlam

Andy Wickey, Coquitlam

The Royal City’s own Lorraine Brett has been a former candidate for city councilor, Queens Park RA chair, long-time Hyack Committiee member and has been involved with a host of community initiatives:

Our region will benefit from a strong voice at the government table, and I want to be that voice. As a communications consultant, I know that we are competing with dozens of regions across Canada for attention, and we tell our story in a compelling and convincing way. I know our area and can tell our story effectively.

Andy Wickey from Coquitlam is a Sri Lankan Canadian with a background in business and engineering. Mark Lea-McKeown of Coquitlam is on the Riding Association executive and Diana Dilworth is a Port Moody Councillor.

Absent from the list of nominees is Paul Forseth of New Westminster, former MP. It has been reported that Forseth was not able to submit paperwork in time. Other accounts report that he had removed his name for nomination.

“We have a strong and diverse field of candidates vying for the nomination in this pivotal riding,” said EDA President Gary Mauser. “I look forward to winning back the New Westminster Coquitlam-Port Moody district for the Conservatives.”

Conservative Party members can look forward to the conclusion of this contest on July 25th, 2009 and two all candidates events are scheduled for July 14th in New West and on July 16th in Port Moody. Details may be found on the recently launched electoral association website.

A by-election may be called to elect a new MP as the riding became vacant when NDP Dawn Black successfully ran as a provincial MLA this last Spring. While the by election could happen as soon as late August, it may also not happen as late as early 2010, or be subsumed by a general election.

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