Amelia Cafe reviewed in the Sun

Previously mentioned in Tenth To The Fraser’s guide to “blunch” in the Royal City, Amelia Restaurant on 12th St. is a local greasy spoon phenomenon. Vancouver Sun reporter Shelly Fralic, who I hear is also a New Westie, shared her review yesterday in the Sun:

One of the reasons it’s been a neighbourhood fixture for decades is the All-Day Breakfast Special which, for $3.50, delivers a pile of eggs, bacon/ham or sausage, perfectly crisp home-made pan fries and toast, or, if you’re hungrier than the average bear, a $4.95 Workman’s Special, serving up a whopping three eggs, two pieces each of bacon and sausage, pan fries and toast.

What you won’t get at Amelia, which is known in its neck of the woods for the huge yellow and pink awning protecting the corner of 12th Street and 7th Avenue (and is often confused with Amelia Cafe, another local greasy spoon, a half mile away on 6th Street), is ambience.

The restaurant, which seats about 70, is stark inside, sort of clinically depressing, with little decor beyond some fake flowers in vases and chalkboard menus tacked up on the baby pink and baby blue walls.

But it’s clean and bright, with Arborite tables, kitchen-style chairs and that nostalgic thick china dinnerware that is so reminiscent of the classic greasy spoon.

Source: Vancouver Sun | The greasy spoon trail takes us to New Westminster’s Amelia .

For the record, here’s what our Ruth Seeley had to say about Amelia on 12th and the other Amelia on 6th St:

Amelia Restaurant @ 640 12th St. (604-522-3288)

Amelia’s has gone considerably upscale since my last visit a year ago, despite the endearingly outdated sign that promises free delivery. Amelia’s doesn’t deliver. It does, however, serve cheap and cheerful breakfasts, including a weekday perogie breakfast for around $6, a bagel breakfast, and real desserts like Mud Pie (should you be interested in taking the high-caffeine, high simple carbs, high fat breakfast route). Last time I was there I was tempted by the Monte Cristo sandwich – not too many places around serve ‘em. Its devotees won’t hear of eating at the other Amelia’s. They sort of sniff when you ask, ‘on 6th?’ Bad coffee.

Amelia Café @ 538 6th St. (604-520-3836)

Sometimes you can’t get into Amelia’s on 6th, which is what first sent me to Jim’s. Great breakfast specials here though if you can wait to eat till 10 or 11AM – I like the French toast, poached eggs and sausage special – with watery coffee, about $6. I try to avoid the coffee here. And there is a Starbucks right across the street.

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