Seismic Mitigation in New Westminster Schools

Back in June, the Province announced the most expensive capital school project in our province’s history and we all cheered. Finally, New Westminster Secondary School had been approved for rebuilding with a price tag of $106.5 million. At a media event, amidst hooting and hollering, various dignitaries spoke passionately about the work that went into where we were that day, and the collaboration, perseverance, and compromises that were required. I cannot say this enough: kudos to everyone who worked so hard on this, especially parents who volunteered their time, dedication, and brain space. Shovels aren’t yet in the ground—we are a ways away from that— but community consultation on the project launched this week, and the district has created a page on their website just to keep track of where things are at, because everyone cares what’s going on at the high school.

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