Protecting Family Connections

Whether you work full time outside the home, are a stay at home parent or somewhere in between, as a parent, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve worried whether you are connecting with your children in a meaningful way. Whether it’s that you’re not spending enough time with our kids, that the time you do spend isn’t quality or a little bit of both, you worry.

For those of you who work full time outside the home, you may be familiar with the rabbit hole I’ve fallen down before. Even after reading articles telling me that I can’t have it all, I continue to measure myself against an unrealistic ideal. Countless nights have turned into early morning while I’ve Googled ways to create meaningful memories with my children, reading articles and sifting through Pinterest for the ‘perfect’ activity that would bring us ‘closer together’. Yet, those bleary eyed times when I’ve managed to bring one of those internet find to life, more often than not those activities ended up with someone in tears. Usually me. Continue reading “Protecting Family Connections”