Winner, Best Campaign Staff: Kirpaul Kaur

Taking a (web)page straight from the David Plouffe hand book, this local school trustee candidate has been kicking it Obama style by launching a polite and engaging army of telephone campaign staff on the voters of New Westminster.

Oh yes, after getting a call a week ago, my wife asked some questions about the “School on Grimston Park” controversy (against btw) and as a follow up, she asked further questions that the volunteer simply could not answer on Ms. Kaur’s behalf. “May I take your information and Kirpaul can get back to you?” Why Yes! Lets do that! One day later, Kirpaul Kaur herself called in, eager to help answer a voter’s questions and assist the democratic process (get that vote!). Almost 40 minutes later, we were satisfied that we had been talking to a genuine, honest and thoughtful candidate.

While in a recent article in the Record, she states that a third middle school was a priority, Kirpaul (and all of the candidates) submitted their brief blurbs before the Grimston Park Blowup. Since that time, many candidates have learned, like the citizens of the West End, of the details behind the school building options. She stated that she wanted to lead and direct a process that would solicit options from stakeholders and the community, synthesise them down to a manageable format and present them for deliberation to the public. We need some schools built but which ones do we need, how do we want to organise them? She also advocated a level of transparency and informatuon sharing that can only be achieved through the internet.

So then this evening, not 15 minutes ago dear readers, I was called by another Kaur-ista. “Hello, I am calling in support of Kirpaul Kaur”. After a brief an ironic conversation, my call waiting started to beep. I ended the Kaurnversation and picked up the other line: ” Hello I am calling on behalf of Kirpaul Kaur!”

Woah, if that is not someone who can get things done… I don’t know what is.

ENDORSED: Kirpaul Kaur by the two voters at Tenth to the Fraser.

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  1. Indeed, you are rightly impressed. Kirpaul is a worthy and capable candidate running under the Voice New Westminster banner. Her profile can be accessed on the Voice New Westminster website — click on the right hand column to learn more.

  2. I met Kirpaul at a local charity event for the homeless, I also endorse her because she actually cares for the residents of New Westminster. She seemed concerned about the local schooling and her ideas are very postitive and different to the other candidates; her modern idealism also appealed to me. I wish her the best of luck, lets bring real CHANGE to New West.Indy Panchi

  3. It would be great if a competent, capable, articulate candidate like Kirpaul could fill one of the new trustee vacancies this time around. As someone who raised three boys in New Westminster with all coming through NWSS, I am proud of our schools, especially the music program, which is second to none. And the football program also rocks huge.But we need a new building. I think that come Monday, the trustees will be faced with very tough decisions on how to proceed. So you have to admire the bravery of those who would take on the job!And Will, yo, don't forget about the candidate who lives in the house you grew up in. Us 502 people need to stick together! :-)AND Lorraine and I read the article about Bianna in the Sun! Absolutely awesome! Go Kirpaul and Lorraine!!David BrettPS. I am a big blog believer. See Lorraine also has a web site.

  4. Am I correct in guessing that Kirpaul went to NWSS? She looks familiar to me. I'd vote for you, KK if I lived in NW!

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