What the…?

Okay, there is simply no accounting for my previous post, and for that I apologize. It doesn’t make that much sense, I know. Just chalk it up to election overexposure. Too many burger polls at Burger Heaven.

But I had to post again after reading so many of the comments, especially those from Poli-Sigh and Anonymous in exchange with the City Communications Manager and both Briana and Will (co-editors of the blog) on this post and others. Can I just say how great it is to see people getting into discussions like these? I know when Will and Briana approached me to help them write for this blog, I was initially a little skeptical about it but it’s neat to see the traffic increase and the types of discussions that are being started in the comments.

I feel like I did when the Orange Room first opened (sigh) – perhaps there really are people out there in our fair city who really care about what happens to it and have ideas about how to make it the best it can be! I’m struck (again) by the thought I have everytime we have a municipal election – especially in a city as small as New West – though we are voting for leaders for our city, this does not remove our responsibility to contribute our time, our ideas, and our energy to make it the city we want!

So, dear readers – what do you want to see happen in our Royal City?

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  1. I’d like to see independent retailers view NW as a place to open their business and keep the chains and franchises out. I’d like to see less freakin’ dollar stores and more things like organic food markets, fabric stores, books stores (not to downplay the awesomeness of Uptown Market and Black Bond Books). I’d like to see a reason to actually shop here. I’d like to see a whole lot less junkies. I’d like NW to become a LEADER in a viable approach to homelessness. I’d like to see a community that actually cares about each other.

    And man, I felt the EXACT SAME WAY about the Orange Room opening up.

  2. For all the wonderful talk during the election about NW being a “LEADER” WRT homelessness this is a problem that can only be solved by all our neighbours in the region doing their share and the province stepping up to the plate.
    NW”s small population cannot afford to solve the region’s homeless issues. We already have a large affordable (when compared to the rest of the region) rental pool in this city.
    Oh, and I was happy when the owners of the Orange Room opened it up too (they used to run a small deli restaurant on Columbia). I was very saddened when I learned that it had closed though.

  3. Alas, Savory Times, I knew knew ye well.The Orange Room excellent space, great (if small) menu. I will miss them both.

    Heritage Grill, you are like a balm in Gilead. Hold Fast.

  4. I agree New West neds more small and large business however with Tax rates .08% higher than our neighbours, a constant threat from organized Labour, why would any business consider New West. We had the chance to remedy at least some of these negatives however by severe apathy we allowed labour candidates to take control of our city just as they are attempting to take over our country and Province. The old boys club have yet to realize without business who needs labour. They should be working with business rather than demanding something from which there is none. Watch New West become a ghost town under our present labour majority council.

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