Speaking at blogging conference Feb. 21

I am delighted to announce that I [Briana] will be speaking at Northern Voice (the blogging conference in Vancouver) on the topic of hyperlocal blogging. The title of my presentation is Passionately Local: Blogging about your own backyard.

Here’s the synopsis of the talk:

Blogging may be an opportunity to reach a worldwide audience, but with Tenth To the Fraser, we’ve narrowed our focus considerably to cover only issues and ideas that relate to the city of New Westminster. 

In this talk I’ll share the benefits of hyperlocal focus to both blog authors and the community, how to make hyperlocal coverage interesting, the role of placeblogs in the media ecosystem, and how to use Twitter, Facebook and other tools to connect with other locals and grow your audience. 

The conference is Saturday, Feb. 21, 9am-5pm. My bit is scheduled for 11:30am. The conference is, unfortunately, sold out again, but if there is enough interest I’d be happy to arrange another presentation here in New West. If any of you are going, please come up and say hi. I’d love to meet you in person! 

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7 Replies to “Speaking at blogging conference Feb. 21”

  1. Yay Briana!!

    (BTW we really have to fix this theme – you can’t see the comment button at all!)

    Turns out that I didn’t get tix to NV either, I was waiting to hear about whether my application to speak was accepted or not. Guess I should have worried about that after I bought tickets!

    What do you guys feel about hosting a NW BlogCamp? Maybe just before NV so you can use some of our experiences in your talk?

  2. I’m up for it if there are people who want to come. I think a meetup at the Heritage Grill would be just the thing.

    NV sold out ridiculously fast. They have sold out pretty much every year, but this year was faster than expected according to their blog.

  3. Fantastic news Briana. You have been understanding and discussing blogs and all forms of social networking since long before it was as wide spread as today. Wish I was in the neighborhood to be able to attend. I know you will do a fantastic job.

  4. Ruth: that’s a brilliant idea. There really *should* be a lottery or contest as well as first come, first served.

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