Local Business Review: SPCA Thrift Mart

I’m an avid thrift shopper and have spent years seeking out thrift shops that offer quality products. I have a few requirements that makes the perfect thrift shop and they include:

  • gives some proceeds to local charity
  • has friendly employees who are at least semi-helpful
  • has a good selection of items that are relatively new
  • is reasonably priced

I think most people are familiar with shops such as the Salvation Army thrift store and Value Village, but one of my favorites here in New Westminster is the SPCA Thrift Mart.

One of the reasons why I shop here is that they give to the SPCA and help animals in need. Roni Lyn Sanders, the proprietor of the SPCA Thrift Mart, is quite proud to tell you that in 2008, the SPCA Thrift Mart donated over $29000. For the past 15 years, the staff have also volunteered their time and effort and spearheaded a coat drive every December, and collect, store, organize and this year, they handed out approximately 6000 tonnes of winter coats to needy folks on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. 

This store has long been located on 6th Avenue, just east of 12th Street, but recently relocated around the corner to 615 12th Street, at the corner of  12th Street and Nanaimo Street. I popped by the new shop the other day, hoping to find my usual haul of goodies and was not disappointed. I bought two sweaters for myself, a long sleeved T shirt, a brand new, never worn pair of Seven jeans (which were also conveniently hemmed to my shortie length already), four onesies for my son, and a handmade double lined fleece jacket for him as well – all for $30. The jeans alone would have cost me over $100. 

The racks are nicely organized and the store itself was tidy and neat. The furniture and housewares area is at the back of the store, and while completely crammed full, was also tidy.  I was also really happy to see all of the jewelry nicely displayed in really nice glass cases. 

Roni and Colleen and the other staff are friendly, chatty, and are true examples of good business citizens in our community. If you haven’t ever been there, try to make a point of stopping by to check them out. They won’t disappoint. 

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3 Replies to “Local Business Review: SPCA Thrift Mart”

  1. You guys/gals/pipple keep scooping me! 🙂

    The new location (in the old AlleyCats store on 12th) is SO much better – brighter – more open – I had never bought anything in the old location as it always made me feel claustrophic – the racks were very crowded – I just wanted to get out of there.

    But my first visit to the new location I bought two coats and a jacket for a friend – all fabulous. I was wearing one of the coats when walking in Tipperary Park a few days ago when a complete stranger stopped me to tell me it was the perfect antidote to yet another gray day (that was the lime green one; the eggplant one is full length and a little more subdued). Oh and did I mention, these items were almost brand new and none cost more than $20.

  2. I had the same experience as Ruth in the old location – too crowded, and I found it hard to really “see” anything for the clutter. I’ll have to try the new location. I love a good thrift store!

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