New West home invasion victim beaten while four-year-old son looked on

Shocking details have come out regarding a recent violent break-in in New West. The victim was an apartment manager – a single mother who was sleeping next to her four-year-old child – when the thugs came in and beat her, demanding the building’s rent money.

A home invasion in New Westminster has left a single mother living in fear and in dire financial straits.

A man and a woman burst into her ground-floor apartment around 12:30 a.m. on Jan. 3, looking for money.

They laid a severe beating on her that required 43 stitches to patch up wounds to her face, an arm and a leg.

But the woman, who has asked that her name not be published, is most worried about the trauma that could have befallen her four-year-old son, who was sleeping in her bed with her when the intruders came crashing through the bedroom window.

“They tried to rob me and I fought them,” she told The Province yesterday. “They had intentions of tying me up and I fought them.”

The woman, who was manager of the apartment building, was asked to hand over the rent for the entire building. But the thugs left empty-handed after she managed to free herself and call 911.

Source: Victim fears her four-year-old traumatized by assault | The Province

The woman is now – understandably – afraid to return to the apartment. She’s homeless and jobless. Even worse, she hasn’t seen her son since the attack.

She said her appearance is so frightening she hasn’t let her son see her since the attack. He has been living with relatives and a friend.

“I was beaten quite badly,” she said. “I got stitches in my face, my leg and my arm.”

A female suspect has been arrested, but New Westminster police are still looking for a male suspect. 

How horrible. I feel so sad for this poor woman and her son.

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  1. I do hope she utilizes Victim Assistance. Counseling will be available to her and her family and will help, especially for her. I’m also saddened that a female suspect was arrested… not that women aren’t capable of crime, but the rise of violent crimes perpetuated by women is shocking and saddening.

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