New Westminster parkade available for commuters impacted by Pattullo closure

This is a media release from the City of New Westminster. We hope this New Westminster Park ‘N Ride solution will help some of the affected Pattullo commuters who are finding our blog via search.

New Westminster, BC –The City of New Westminster is offering Metro Vancouver commuters a new way to avoid travel delays across the Fraser River while repairs are done to the Pattullo Bridge.

Mayor Wayne Wright has announced that commuters can access nearly 800 parking spaces at the City’s parkade on Front Street and complete their trips through the nearby New Westminster or Columbia SkyTrain stations.

“If you live south of the Fraser and you need a car on the New Westminster, Burnaby and Vancouver side, you can leave your car at our parkade overnight and use SkyTrain to shuttle across to the Surrey SkyTrain stations where you can take transit or have someone pick you up,” Mayor Wright says.

“Likewise, if you normally commute across the Pattullo from New Westminster to the King George Highway, you can use our parkade for the day and take SkyTrain across the river.”

Mayor Wright says that anyone who is close by should think about using the city’s parkade as a park and ride, and take SkyTrain for their trip to Burnaby and Vancouver to take pressure off roads that are clogged with traffic trying to find a way around the closure of the Pattullo.

The daily charge for parking at the Front Street Parkade is $6 from 6am to 6pm and only $2 from 6pm to 6am. Parkade entrance points are along Columbia Street at the foot of 4th and 6th Streets. The City of New Westminster and the Transit Police will step up security at the parkade to keep watch on the vehicles left overnight.

“New Westminster has a great parking facility that can make a big difference now, while we’re getting repairs done to the bridge, and into the future as another option to change more car trips into transit trips and take the pressure off our road network,” Mayor Wright says.

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2 Replies to “New Westminster parkade available for commuters impacted by Pattullo closure”

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Mayor Wright. Now how about two day-time six-hour parking options for $3 and you’ve got a deal. Because $6 plus a two-zone fare ($3.75) and I’ve paid for the gas and then some if I’m going downtown. And yet I would love to take the Park ‘n Ride option

  2. This is a good example of how the TRANSLINK could help lessen the chaos of the Pattello bridge closure. TRANSLINK should pay a “contracted amount” to C.New West and the Front Street Parkade should be free parking for the duration of the repairs.

    I recall free parking downtown CNW during the flood danger. This is actually an event, make the deal! IMHO

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