New Westminster is funky fashionable

Yellow tights, architectural shoes, and exploding drop earrings might just be the continuous run of New York fashion week, but when it comes to eye glasses that make a statement, you don’t have to go further than New Westminster.

Brilliantly innovative, local designer Traff Green’s designs, Reflections by Traff, are a unique medley of hand-picked colours to show skin tones at their best!   The carefully contoured and connected shapes of his designs will match any face shape and eyes.

The result?

Bold, impactful eye glasses for the everyday woman. And with limited edition designs you can be sure to be the only one who will be wearing the chic, funky, sultry, and cheeky all assembled into one piece – sure to be the buzzy notice of any fashion week!

As for me, I think some have a shoe collection, some have every DVD that comes out, and I have a collection of eye glasses matching my different outfits and feathery hair accessories (maybe even birds?). I’m glad that I can contribute to my local art community while fulfilling my eye glass cravings.

Watch for Traff’s latest collection at the many stores that carry his line (found on his website), or make an appointment to see him at his studio. Either way, you will be pleased with the experience of purchasing your new eye glasses and the compliments that you will receive afterwards.

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