Emergency Child First Aid and CPR Course?

I am considering hosting an Emergency Child First Aid & CPR course (formerly called “Childsafe”) specifically for parents or people who work with or care for children regularly. Participants will receive certification in CPR for infants, children and adults and also learn emergency first aid for children. 10 people are needed to participate and the class can hold a maximum of 18. I’m working on the location, but suspect it will be at the library here in New West or  some other community centre out this way, or possibly someone’s house if it’s large enough. The cost is $90 plus GST and this course meets the requirements for people working in daycares, etc. It is 9 hours long. This is a Red Cross course, taught by a local instructor and is good for three years.

Right now I am just trying to find out if there are enough people interested to justify a private course – I don’t have dates yet or anything. Once I have enough interested parties, I will start finalizing details. Those of you who are breastfeeding, breaks will be arranged so that your child can be brought to you for feedings, or if your infants are small enough, they can hang out while you learn. If your kids are crawling they are probably too active for you to bring them as that is really distracting for both you and other participants. 

Please let me know if you’d be interested by posting in the comments section. Once I have an idea of who would like to do it, I will start working out details.

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  1. There this place in New Westminster (of all places) called EMS Plus safety Services
    phone 604-484-8497

    Took my marine advanced with them.
    It was 2 years ago, they might have moved ?

    5 stars, good teachers.


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