The New West Elevator Pitch

I learned about elevator pitches in grad school – we were put on the spot, standing in a box outlined on the floor in front of our class, and provoked to give a 30-second spiel about a global health issue we were passionate about. Lately I’ve been preparing gleefully for a trip to the Big Apple, and I’ve been thinking about all of the endless websites that tell you the 10 meals under $10 in NYC, “Best Vegetarian Dining in New York,” “Must see before you die in the big apple!” All seemingly designed to give you an elevator-pitch glance at this huge and vibrant city.

It got me thinking (and at long last, posting on T2F): What would New West’s elevator pitch be? Sure, it’s not a tourist attraction for most. If you were in NYC on the elevator from the top of the empire state building with a fellow tourist who asked you where YOU were from, what would you say in that 40 second moment?

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  1. I'm from New Westminster, which is a wee little city in the middle of the Greater Vancouver area. It's the only place in the Lower Mainland where I have truly felt like it was its own community, with people who like living there, and city officials who want it to be a great place. It's a smart choice to put down roots while you explore the other, sexier parts of the Lower Mainland because it's smack in the middle of everything and considerably cheaper. But it has some beautiful hidden gems all on its own and has something for everyone. It's transit friendly and there is less crime, and if you're there on a vacation, the pace is perfect.

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