Candidates Debate Begins in New Westminster

Just now, in room 2201 of Douglas College, just outside the doors of the library, the All Candidates Debate is beginning for BC Election 2009. THe crowd is jubilant and well mannered, as we would expect, and the room is full; approximately 200 people.

Already in attendance is Carole Millar, candidate for the BC Liberals and BC Green Party Candidate, Matthew Laird. BC NDP candidate and former NDP MP Dawn Black is not here yet. Mark Allison, our host has announced that she will be delayed (time now 7:11).

Chris Bryan from the New Leader will be moderating the event and we have seen a number of other New Westminster faces. Susan Wandell from the new West Arts council is here. Niel Powell from McBride-Sapperton Residents association has arrived. We have seen Theresa McManus from the Royal City record and Andrew Murray, director of the Royal City Farmers Market are also here.

7:16 Ms Black has arrived and the debate has begun. We will be live blogging the event this evening as one of the sponsors. The real heavy lifting has been done by New Westminster Environmental Partners and the Business Improvement Association. Mark Allison of the NWEP has announced all of the candidates and sponsors to great applause.

NDP Candidate Dawn Black has the first opening comments with a forceful opening with the standard NDP talking points. She seems poised and professional. No doubt honed in her federal experience.

Matt Laird steps up next with an arguement of a middle way: economy and environments. I have seen him go a little off the rails in the past but here  he is measured and on topic. A good opener based on the theory of the steady state economy. ” End two party partisan politics… it is time for the green party of BC” .

Carole Millar a 26 year resident of New West is next up. Referencing her banking experience she believes she is a great candidate for the riding. Her statement is quite short and recieves polite applause.