Farmer’s Market Fundraiser… and other hijinxs

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L-R: Jenn Arbo, Will Tomkinson, Jocelyn Tomkinson
L-R: Jenn Arbo, Will Tomkinson, Jocelyn Tomkinson

Last night I joined @gnb, Hollie, @duckbeaver and two of my co-editors from Tenthtothefraser, Jen Arbo and Will at a “Burger and a beer” fundraiser for the Royal City Farmer’s Market, at the Brooklyn Bar and Grill on Columbia Street in New Westminster.

Chuck Puchmayr’s band was playing, the weather was good, conversation was nice, and we met some great people – like Loren from the Apple Barn Pumpkin Farm, a market vendor who drove all the way out from Abbotsford to attend the fundraiser. Several New West celebrities were there, including our newly elected MLA (and long-time MP) Dawn Black, Mayor Wayne Wright, and councillors Jamie MacEvoy and Jonathan X. Cote.

TenthtotheFraser’s own Jen Arbo seemed to be a bit of a nexus in this crowd – a passionate RCFM supporter and new vendor, she’s also been recently appointed as the Market Managing Coordinator. Congratulations, Jen! Will worked the crowd in his signature way, prompting Jen to remark that his Twitter name should be @Willhepolitic? – a rhetorical question given Will’s longtime threat to run for office.

I think I get to claim the most mischief, however, when an incorrectly hung bathroom stall door had me committing an act of “Guerrilla Access” right there in the ladies room at the Brooklyn Bar and Grill. I was surprised enough to note that there is a wheelchair accessible stall in a bar bathroom, but when I found that the door swung inward (into the stall) instead of outward, I realized it was impossible to use. Imagine trying to close the door in a stall space of approximately the same size as the door’s swinging arc – now imagine trying to close it while sitting in roughly 16″ x 18″ of wheelchair and you’ll see why wheelchair bathroom stall doors should never swing inward. My solution was to procure a screwdriver from Graham and make a little MacGuyver change.

Thankfully it went off without a hitch, the door now swings outward, and no hard feelings to Brooklyn Bar and Grill – thanks for the fundraiser!

NOTE: It was brought to my attention that Mayor Wright was on vacation at the time and not able to attend the fundraiser. -jt

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  1. "his Twitter name should be @Willhepolitic? – a rhetorical question given Will’s longtime threat to run for office."

    Hey! That piece is a bit of a long shot. Are you trying to start a rumour?

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